Anxiety ! The No. 1 topic

Anxiety! The No1 topic with clients over the last 5 months

It was presented in different forms and ways, for example a single mother who gave birth 2 weeks after her mother has passed away. She contracted the corona virus, had to self-isolate, she couldn’t be seen by her family members, Dr and the midwifes. The young mother was in grief, felt abandoned and exhausted, overwhelmed from the lack of sleep and deeply worried about herself and about her baby which was not putting on weight.

But far more people were worried by the constant and ongoing avalanche of negative and upsetting news flow from the medias. Whilst we know bad news sells, with the whole country in lock down it felt more like an indoctrination. Only the governments approved story was presented not allowing any other opinion or view. In fact, Ofcom started to officially censor alternative views and put pressure on the broadcasting industry so they had to obeyed - sad but true.  

It is also a fact the global death rate is going down and this has been true for 5 months, 12 months, 10 years, 20 years….. So, there is not pandemic in a classical sense.

There are other aspects like the economy which have been declining in double digits across the country which is very upsetting. But the decline comes from a unified approach by politicians to slow down the economy with the “guidelines” and recommendation. So as soon the guidelines are lifted, we have the infrastructure and workforce to get back to business.  

Looking at the World MSCI that had a sharp decline in March 2020 it has fully recovered by now. Using this financial index as a precursor for the future the economies will be fine, which is uplifting. (

No 1 advice against Anxiety

The number one advice I have been giving over the last 5 months is to focus on the present moment.

Focus on the jobs, tasks at hand and don’t think about the past or future. Both the thought about the past and future are distraction to what we should be doing. Focus on your loved ones even if it not always easy or maybe almost never is. We have a more energy available then normal to correct family constellation which are not aligned but so important for our own personal growth and mental development.

We need to understand the planet is in deep state of change and managing this change requires all our human resources, especially humans working together in let’s say a collective mind. It is happening already but more people need to be made aware that we have a choice in this - as we do create our own reality.

The choice is fear versus freedom.

Fear, is restrictive, isolating and detrimental to your health as it weakens your immune system. In turn freedom is liberating, creative and strengthens your immune system.

Be kind and take care of your community and loved ones. Take the usual Vitamin C, D and Zinc as we are going into autumn. But most importantly stay positive.

Sending you lots of light and love


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