Coronavirus Treatment with Homeopathy – Focus on Prevention

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Please find below a strategy that is intended to help you to boost your immune system and help you to stay in control of your own health through both prevention, supplements, homeopathy and homeoprophylaxis. This is intended to build on the existing advice given by the various governments, WHO etc.

This is not intended as a replacement for the conventional advice, but rather as supplementary steps to take to minimise your risk.

From the data emerging from China, partially emerging from Italy we can see that the coronavirus almost doesn’t affects the age group 0 – 40 in terms of mortality, however, this age group most likely will have a mild flu. This is finally good news for most parents with young children. However, the death rate increases by age group going forward. From the age of 60 death rate is 3.6%, from 70 it is 8% and above 80 it is 14.8% and the most affected group. With a demographic population biased towards the elderly with almost 25% of the population above 60 this could become a health care crisis.

The analysis is not made to scare you, but to take care of yourself and your family’s health, especially the elderly. For your information the number of deaths for seasonal flu is approx 389 000 deaths pa globally compared to covid 19 it is currently 3893.

From a natural health point of view the patient wants to be in control hence please see my 3 steps plan to enhance the health of your family!

Understanding the viral challenge

The problem with viral pandemics is, conventional medicine doesn’t have particularly effective treatments for them. There are some anti-viral drugs around, but we are not sure how effective they will be against Coronavirus yet.

Ultimately the best protection is to stay healthy by boost your immune system.

Please find my 3 step plan to enhance the health of your family below and please feel free to share it

Without further delay, here we go

Level 1: Minerals and Vitamins

Vitamin C and Zinc. This are the classical immune system booster. Take Vitamin C powder, 1 tea spoon or 1000mg per day in liquid with food am and pm or a freshly squeezed lemon on empty stomach first thing in the morning.

Take the Zinc tablets once in the morning.

Vitamin D spray or drops - mainly due to ease of use and bioavailability Most people are Vit D deficient, especially during the winter in colder countries, and especially if they have brown or black skin. Adequate vitamin D levels are required for a healthy immune system. Use as indicted my manufacturer.

Colloidal Silver. This is one of these amazing substances that’s been used for thousands of years and that is heavily censored and regulated against because it’s a threat to pharma profits, therefore I claim no efficacy for this product. Spray 2 to 3 times a day into your mouth if you’ve been exposed, or are experiencing symptoms.

Follow warnings about not using this product for prolonged periods, excessive use can cause something called argyria, which is a permanent (though harmless) bluish-grey discolouration of skin caused by excessive silver build up. However, this is only a problem if taking huge amounts for years. This is where the expression ‘blue bloods’ comes from when describing aristocrats, as In the past some of them suffered from this condition. A different anecdote is that the Ganges river spring is emerging in area where silver is found hence it is still generating health benefit despite the pollution as the water caries ionised silver particles. Having said that I don’t advice to drink the Ganges water! Follow the link for more information.

As you might know homeopathy is normally individuals medicine. The problem with most of these recommendations is that they are not based on actual symptoms of the affected patients !

However, fortunately, now we have a lot of epidemiological, clinical and laboratory data available and published in peer-reviewed journals, which can be used to draw reasonable conclusions about the group of homeopathic medicines that will work in this infection.

Level 2: Genus Epidemicus & Homeoprophylaxis

The Genus Epidemicus is an individually selected remedy for this particular outbreak of an epidemic. Homeopathic doctors noticed that most people infected in a particular epidemic displayed similar symptoms. FYI epidemics of scarlet fever were very common in the 19the century and treated successfully by homeopaths at the time.

According to research on the Coronavirus symptoms by the Indian ministry of health the Indian government’s recommendation is Arsenicum Album (Ars Alb). Take the remedy Ars Alb 30C, 1x weekly and increase to 2-3x if the epidemic is getting closer to home.

For more information please follow the link:'s%20Presentation.pdf


This is using a homeopathic remedy like a vaccine which we call nosode, so we can use a nosode made from coronavirus to help inoculate ourselves against the virus. Good news: Covid19 nosode just recently became available in London.

Recommendation: During outbreak, take 1 pill of the nosode 30c once a week. If you start showing symptoms, increase this to 3 times a week. If the nosode isn’t available, use the remedy Influenzinum instead.

For more on a recent large scale application of homeoprophylaxis please follow the link :

So, you’d take the Genus Epidemicus Covid19 30C or Influenzinum 30C remedy AND the Homeoprophylaxis Ars Alb 30C weekly remedy during each week. If possible take them on different days.

Level 3: Individualised Homeopathic Treatment

If you start experiencing symptoms, then ideally you would consult a homeopath and they would prescribe you a suitable remedy. However, if cases increase dramatically you may not have this option, so I’m including a short list of the remedies most likely to help.

Pick the indicated remedy that most closely matches the symptoms and give a 200c dose 3-times-a-day for 3 days, or until symptoms improve. If the remedies help temporarily, but then symptoms relapse, then repeat another 3 days.

Aconite: early flu remedy

Indicted often when you are exposed to cold dry winds, or move from a hot area into the cold area and start having flu symptoms with a rapid onset. If you have symptoms like red cheeks, face feels hot and swollen and the person is restless and often fearful.

Anas Barbariae (brand name: Oscillococciunum) :

A general good immune system booster, Anas barbariae is used to treat and prevent seasonal colds and especially with affinity with airway inflammatory. It has shown to improve symptom control, and reduce the frequency of respiratory tract infection.

Arsenicum Album:

Deep dry cough, increased restlessness at night, wheezing on first lying down, short of breath, cough is often loose, pneumonia from taking a cold, tightness of chest with great anxiety, painful cough better sitting up, cough after drinking, burning sensation – in eyes, throat, in limbs, on skin, great anxiety and restlessnes


Dry hacking and painful cough, excessive thirsty and irritable, bad mood/ humour, eye balls are sore, bursting splitting headache, joint pain, wants to be let alone


Fatigue, prostration, dizziness, drowsiness, fever, aching muscles, muscular weakness. Dry cough, sore chest. Strong indicator: Person is exhausted and physically doesn’t want to or can’t move.


Pains in muscles and bones. Can even feel like the bones may break. Throbbing headache. Thirsty. Chest sore, chronic loose cough.

Ferrum Phosphorica

For a persistent dry cough

For symptoms threatening to turn into pneumonia

What I’m doing:

I’ve only started levels 1 and 2 so far. So may family is taking Minerals and Vitamins although no colloidal silver - as I use this more in acute situation.

We are also taking Ars Alb 30C, Anas Barbariae 200C, Covid19 combo nosode 30C once weekly basis.

If needed I’ll move on to level 3. But so far so good.

Note: You can be doing all 3 levels of this plan at the same time. This is not intended to be a definitive treatise, just some useful notes that people might consult to help their families if the Coronavirus turns into a worldwide emergency.

Disclaimer: This is not intended to replace primary care. Please do your own research and if you or your family start experiencing symptoms, please visit your doctor or a walk-in centre.

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