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In my recent article “Coronavirus Treatment with Homeopathy – Focus on Prevention”, I suggested a 3-step plan to boost your immune system and to use homeoprophylaxis by using Influenzinum or the Covid19 nosode as a mean to protect yourself and your family.

I realised from your responses that there is a lack of understanding what homeoprophylaxis can do.

To give you a bit background information. In my practice I spent a significant amount of time in educating patients about their heath, how homeopathy works and how our body is a complex and interconnected system that is in a constant dynamic state.

In homeopathy we have different strategies to tackle heath problems. For example, in mental diseases we tend to go high with our potencies to address the location of the “problem” whilst with physical problems we tend to go low.

In homeoprophylaxis, which is a system of prevention and has evolved over hundred years, the remedies are chosen based on the underlying diseased tissue with the bacteria, fungus or virus which are then made into homeopathic remedies by succussing and diluting the substance.

What is Homeoprophylaxis (HP):

Homeoprophylaxis is the use of homeopathic remedies in a systematic manner to prevent the development of the characteristic symptoms of the infectious diseases.

Source: Dr Issac Golden (the complete practitioners manual of homeoprophylaxis)


Homeopathic protection is safe for all ages. It can be used with babies through to the elderly and even during pregnancy. It has none of the adverse reactions or side-effects associated with vaccines.

The prophylactics of homeopathic protection are prepared according to safe homeopathic principles. In Europe, homeopathic remedies meet the standard “Good manufacturing procedures”, meaning that there are no infectious particles from the 24C or 12C dilution upwards. The homeopathic remedies made of diseased material are called nosodes. They are free of harmful components and capable of stimulating a strong protective response from the body, increasing its resistance to disease.

The nosode work according to the law of similar, that is “like prevents like” a healing concept that dates back to Egyptian times.

For more details please follow the link:

Homeopathy has been used over more than 200 years and is currently used by millions of people across Europe, India, Brazil and many other parts of the world.

Most recent large-scale application of Homeoprophylaxis

2007 Leptospirosis in Cuba:

During the hurricane season in Cuba heavy rain causes flooding and the risk of leptospirosis increased significantly. The Finlay Research Institute in Cuba run by scientist decided to prepared a nosode from the bacteria and administered two doses of the nosode to 2.4 million Cuban’s living in the eastern part of the island which had the largest number of casualties. The administration of the nosode lead to a significant reduction in hospitalised patients and mortality dropped to zero.

In the movie „Magic Pills“ by Ananda More you can see the original footage where scientist prepare the leptospirosis nosode (

For more info please follow the link

2003 Malaria in Kenya

The study showed that 33 people using a Malaria nosode over 18months stayed disease free as per negative blood test whilst before the survey 21 participant felt sick to 1 - 3 episodes

2002 Japanese Encephalitis in India

According to data published by the Times of India in 1999 there were 1036 cases of Japanese encephalitis with 203 deaths. In 2000 the Indian government put a homeopathic prophylaxis programme in place. In 2000 343 cases (72 deaths) were recorded and in 2001 there were 33 cases (4 deaths) recorded.

1998 and 1974 Meningococcal in Brazil

Two meningococcal studies from Brazil (1974 and 1998) involving over 114,000 people showed that homeopathic protection provided 91–95% protection against meningococcal disease. The larger study was funded by the Brazilian government and conducted by a Brazilian university through its medical professors, doctors, and city officials.

1996 Dengue in India

Study on Dengue prevention. The Dengue fever nosode 30C was administered to 39 200people during the epidemic of haemorrhagic fever. The usual infections rate is around 50%. This administration of the Dengue fever nosode showed that only 5% showed symptoms, reducing the infections rate to 0.125% or an efficiency of 99.8%.

Homeopathic protection in History

Some past examples of homeopathic protection being used for protective purposes during serious epidemic diseases and the Spanish flu are:

1957 and 1975 Poliomyelitis in Argentina

In 1957 a severe poliomyelitis epidemic occurred in Buenos Aires. The majority of homoeopathic doctors prescribed Lathyrus sativus as a preventative. Drug stores distributed thousands of doses to the public. None of those who used the prophylactic registered a case of contagion.

In 1975 during another poliomyelitis epidemic in Buenos Aires, 40,000 were given the homeopathic prophylactic Lathyrus sativus. None developed poliomyelitis.

1918 Spanish Flu - Worldwide

In the 1918 Spanish ‘flu epidemic (death rate up to 100 million people worldwide), from historic record we know the homeopaths had dramatically better treatment outcomes than other doctors, the mortality rates of their patients typically being under 1%.

For more human homeoprophylaxis records and studies please see below.

Ultimately self-responsibility is part of a natural health approach – the efficacy of homeoprophylaxis has shown that it save lives and resources with no side effects!

Please feel free to share the information.

Note: This is not intended to be a definitive treatise, just some useful notes that people might consult to help their families if the Corona virus turns into a worldwide emergency.

Disclaimer: This is not intended to replace primary care. Please do your own research and if you or your family start experiencing symptoms, please visit your doctor or a walk-in centre.

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